Gangster DM


The DM in Warsaw was held in 23rd-25th October and was organised by ESN SGGW because it had won

the competition for the best meeting subject. Another thing worth mentioning is that it had a

gangster theme and that explains the secondary subtitle. Our section was represented by: Magda

Łukasińska (president and vice - delegate), Mateusz Tomala, Jakub Mazur and me (Dominika

Kowalczyk) as a delegate. Adrianna Skolimowska was present as well as the presidium chairperson.

The issues we discussed were quite typical: ESN Poland members’ reports pertaining existing

achievements and enterprises. Each of them spoke about their branch issues. Network team

reported about their activities. The PZU - our business partner - representative also appeared at the

meeting.. He described the way of cooperation for both institutions. He discussed the mentoring

programme, which a few ESN members participate in. It was chosen a group of 30 people – 15

experienced (promoted to mentors) and 15 beginners with a chance to develop their skills. Our

section members: Jakub Mazur, Mateusz Tomala and me were incorporated to the team too.

Adrianna Skolimowska also took part as a mentor. After presentation  of PZU representative Revision

Team reported about its work. The issue of fast approaching  CEP Rijeka and AGM Warsaw was

introduced. Then began small session bloc. Participants were to choose between projects: - Can ESN

get you a Job? – How to arrange a science project in your section. –Persuasion and influence skills

training and the Delegates Panel which I took part in. During the second small session bloc we were

given the opportunity to participate in following workshops for: presidents, HRs, PRs, financiers, or

simply meet Polish nationwide activists. The last bloc was the integration between sections that had

been matched earlier.

 During the Delegates Panel we were talking about ESN House; if the headquarters should be moved

completely to Warsaw in order to improve its efficiency. Factors of such a move were mentioned too.

The next issue was closing the gathering. The advantages and disadvantages were pointed out.

However, it was AON university section that was the most important issue during the DP. The

problem that had arisen was the lack of engagement between the members of this section. They

decided to cease their activity which resulted in tabling a motion to remove ESN AON. We discussed

our partner Mobile Vikings last.

Sundays deliberation began with the vote regarding the removal of ESN AON. The motion was

adopted  by all of the delegatesand on the 25th October 2015 the gathering cut the section loose.

Next the committee of FR, PR, HR, International, IT and Law Group reported about their activity.

Then the presentations for: SocialErasmus, Exchange Ability, ESN Cards, Mov’in Europe,

ESNOlympics, Discover Europe were held. In the end Mobile Vikings issue was solved and new

ESNapp introduced.

Deliberation  finished with praise for OC, Presidium and Executive Board. Lastly, a picture of the

members was taken.


Written by Dominika Kowalczyk

Translated by Ada Jóźwik