June 4th we organised Erasmus Awards Ceremony combined with Eurodinner.
During this ceremony we were rewarding our lucky winners in different categories. It's unforgettable night for all of us - we spent together the best last moments in this acamedic year, which comes to the end... After Ceremony we took part in Latino Party in Bollywood Club :) It was fantastic!

the Wildest Party Animal: Janetta Matys
the Most Helpful ESNer: Danuta Kosińska
the Most Popular in Social Media: Berkant Ekeryilmaz
the Most Stylish: Gheorghe Rodnitchi
the Preetiest Smile: Sonia Kisza
the Best Mentor: Danuta Kosińska
the Best Dancer: Medet Koç
the Craziest Traveller: Gülistan Koç
the Selfie Master: Katerina Anagnwstopoulou
the Most Drunk: José Costa
the Best Buddies: Berkant Ekeryilmaz & Niccolo Capecchi
the Funniest: Bayram Atmaca
the Best Polish Speaker: Janetta Matys
the Best Student : Kallia Pagouni
the Best Board Member: Monika Rąpała
the Best Coordinator: Danuta Kosińska
the Most Active: Janetta Matys
Spacial Award from ESN: Medet Koc


All photos in this link !