Hol Erasmusa 2015

23.04 - 26.04

Do you remember when you were as a child in the hospital? Do you remember what it looked like? Of course it all depends on experience, most of my memories, however, make up that picture: dirty yellow, bland walls, often neglected and sometimes dilapidated. In general, the design was repellent and spending there a few hours days or weeks was horrible! It could not certainly be child-friendly place. Even though almost twenty years have passed, unfortunately, there are still such places. Therefore Warsaw sections of Erasmus Student Network, along with the sponsor PPG Deco Poland Sp. z o.o. (brand: Dekoral Professional and Sigma Coatings) in collaboration with the Children's Hospital of prof. dr. J. Bogdanowicz in Warsaw, decided to change it!

Preparation for the action lasted from November and were divided into different stages. The project itself took place on April 23 - 25 (Thursday - Saturday). The event was attended by about seventy foreign students, twenty-five children, fifteen members of Erasmus Student Network and a wide range of non-members, especially our friends and acquaintances who are familiar with the graphics and gifted in painting and were willing to support us.

We begun in the morning on Thursday. First, a solid preparation, securing everything we needed by tape and cardboard. Once this was done, we could start painting. Mr. Miroslaw Grzeszczak – representative of brands Dekoral Professional and Sigma Coatings - was a big supporter, told us how to do certain tasks, supervised us, and helped us and foreign students. By noon the base was located and in the evening we met up to draw a graphic pattern. It should be noted that foreign students had been with us from the beginning. They were divided into different shifts. Erasmus Student Network prepared food for them as well as gadgets (badges and stickers) and various other attractions such as: tablets to take photos, photo sessions, interaction with children or leaving a special souvenirs – as printing painted hand on the wall (two children also left their marks like that), and also handed out certificates confirming their participation in the project.

Next day, 24 April, was spent on an interaction with little patients - as it was a part of Erasmus Hall project in Children's Hospital at Niekłańska Street. Classes started at 11:00 by short presentation of Erasmus Student Network organization and SocialErasmus project: Erasmus Hall. The fact, that we were the ones who were painting corridor's walls, stopped being a secret. Next, we moved to integration games. Participants-children and students introduced themselves and said a few words about their interests. Some children did it in English and they did it very well - definitely they didn't need an interpreter.  Lastly, we handed out colouring pages and hats made of paper, which we decorated with stickers together. After finishing playing, we had to say goodbye to our new friends and we did it with a heartache. We gave them litlle giftspins in many colors with our logo so that they will remember us longer. Our friend from Circus School – Żaneta Adamczyk - prepared special surprise for children: baloons in every shape they wanted. We also put our signatures with the greatest acknowledgements in the hospital's Visitors' Book. Children were truly pleased with our visit. Some of them asked about next classes with us and us an expression of that  they gave us a lovely card.in addition to painting held interaction with children from the Hospital School.

On the third day we finished our project with accordance to our plan. The effect exceeded our expectations. Also our partners, students, children and volunteers were delighted with what was accomplished. Our foreign participants do not hide their enthusiasm and they gave us lots of great feedback and thanked us a lot that they could take part in such an event. We are also very happy that they enjoyed it and it had got such popularity. But the most we are happy that we had a real impact that together we changed some part of the world for the better, that perhaps thanks to the work of so many people the faces of these children, experienced in battle with severe diseases, even for a moment will smile when they look at our cheerful work. Perhaps their memories also become more colorful.



The summary was written by Marta Rejer, SocialErasmus & ExchangeAbility Coordinator


Monika Rapała, Coolture Coordinator.