Interim report 3-SS-14/15

23.03 - 05.03

"So many books, so little time." - Frank Zappa


There are many spring-related changed within our section - that's because four new members joined us: Danuta Kosińska, Marta Michalska, Mortyna Motyl and Kuba Mazur. We congratulate them and would like to wish them more motivation towards work in the section. Meanwhile, during the aforesaid two weeks, our Erasmus students:

  • watched the projection of short movies in the 'Culture House' "Kadr" in the district of Mokotów,
  • participated in the culinary fair (The Taste of Warsaw),
  • watched the movie Sexmission by Juliusz Machulski,
  • spent Easter with us (Erasmus Holiday).


Warsaw Short Framing (26.03) - we went to DK "Kadr" to see Warsaw Short Framing - the projection of five short movies from Spain, Korea, USA, Poland and Germany. The topic of the movies was love. There was eight Erasmus students and two ESN members. Everyone liked different movie, we are from different countries, thus it's clear that we like other types of movies. But everybody could say that we had a great time that evening.


Culinary fair (Warszawski Smak) (29.03) - on that relatively cloudy and chilly day we decided on going to the culinary fair to try (and - possibly - to buy) various tidbits, not necessarily of Polish origin. Despite initial problems with communication about the meeting point, we finally got to the place we were supposed to visit. It turned out that some of us mistook the event for another one that was to take place at the very same time near to the National Stadium. And it was good - after the culinary fair, we came also to the Stadium to try... hamburgers, which were sold there!


ESN UW: 'Sexmission' by Juliusz Machulski (30.03) - that was not the first time that we took Erasmus students to watch the movie. After Oscar-winner Ida the time has come for a good, old, but most of all - recognized Polish movie Sexmission by Juliusz Machulski. The screening took place in one of Warsaw University halls, where many foreigners from various Warsaw universities came. The best proof that the movie pleased everyone were loud laughters resounding within the room.


Erasmus Holiday (17.03) - (this time, exceptionally, the report has not been written by an ESN member, but by our Erasmus student - Cristina; thank you very much for your help! I'd like to thank also Marta Rejer for her translation - added by Przemek)

The most beautiful holidays are the ones which you are spending with your family. And this feeling we were given by Danuta and her family. For two days we were feeling like in our home. When we arrived at Danuta’s home her parents and her two beautiful and lovely dogs were waiting for us with joy and happiness. Her parents have prepared for us an Easter food, which was delicious and my delight was when I saw and eat many delicious cakes, that reminded me of Ionut’s mother. In the first day, we were in Korczew and we were walking near a nice palace. We enjoyed Danuta’s and her brother good mood. We were sighseeing Danuta’s town, churches and different places, buildings and historical monuments. We went in a trip at Gora Zamkowa and saw the river Bug, even if it was hard for us, after eating a lots of goodies, to climb for seeing a nice lanscapes of the Bug view. After some perfect hour spending together, we went home for another perfect Easter table. We talk with Danuta’s parents about us, our life, about their family in polish language. I never thought that I will be able to say some words in polish. But with the help of Iuliia, Danuta, Ionut and Google Translate I was able to speak in my favourite language, polish. In the evening, we saw a traditional polish wedding. I was so happy becouse Danuta helped us to feel again childrens and to remember about our childhood. In the second day, we played with the most beautiful dogs. It was like a dream and we didn’t want it to end. Danuta is a wonderful girl and her parents made us feel as if we were their children.Thank you Danuta for everything and we wish you all the best in the world.