Interim report 6-SS-14/15

11.05 - 31.05

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." - John F. Kennedy


The summer semester is going to its end, the exam session is coming, the same applies to Warsaw farewell parties held for Erasmus students. It is a particular period for student organizations too since reorganisation of boards has already taken place in most of them - ESN Poland was not an exception (the same will happen also within our section). The most important week among the last three was the last one, when Warsaw Healthy Week took place at the very same time - which was, by the way, supported by our section in the shape of Maja Dobosz, our Sport workgroup coordinator. Throughtout the last three weeks we:

  • took part - as a student organization - in the Student's Day event organised by UKSW Student Government and Wyszyński Foundation.
  • gathered together during the Turkish Day,
  • showed up at Senior Doctor's Home,
  • visited the Presidential Palace in Warsaw.


UKSW Student's Day (14.05) - gigs, barbecue, contests and masses of student organizations' stalls were the elements that were typical for the very first Student's Day at UKSW that took place on the Wóycicki campus. Naturally, ESN UKSW and Erasmus students were present there too. We were gathered together in most likely best place available, next to the entrance to the building 23. We could offer contests with intriguing rewards (apart from casual pens and sweets, we guaranted also tickets for a theatre performence) and provided students with necessary information about the Erasmus+ programme. The event by itself was a great opportunity to show our section to students, we will take part in the following editions undoubtedly.



Turkish Day in Foundation for Somalia (16.05) - we could see Turkish customs and listen to different people whose life was linked to Turkey in some way. Obviously, there were some Turkish students from UKSW too :)



Visitation to the Senior Doctor's Home (25.05) - together with Ionut and Cristina we headed for SDH. The number of participants turned out to be much greater than we'd anticipated - we presented ourselves in front of the group of 25 ex-doctors. Our Erasmus students showed their national dance to them as well as indicated words whose meanings are similar in Polish and Romanian and told the old people how the life looks like in their country.



Visitation to the Presidential Palace (31.05) - as the presidential election took place recently, we decided to visit the Presidential Palace. The turnout among the Erasmus students was impressive.