Regional gala of Discover Europe 2015


Regional gala of 2015 Discover Europe, photography contest for students, took place on 11 April 2015 in the main building of Warsaw School of Economics. The participants were greeted by the twinsisters Wilińskie who greatly lead on the whole event. We could get to know many curious facts about Europe, Europeans and see many fantastic places, people, emotions that were taken in photographs by the winners of the contest as well as its previous editions. Among the awards there were e.g. photography workshops, tickets to Polish Theatre and to African Movie Festival "Afrykamera", books. The gala was enlighted by the band parADox (Ania Leitner and Darek Tutka) who sung for us. Their performance was divided into the two parts, they sung Hollywood hits and well-known Polish songs. After receiving of the awards and taking a selfie of us all, the participants and organizers celebrated the finale of this year's regional gala through having a small treat.

Category: Surprise me, Europe:

1st place: Feeding seagulls, Dominika Adamska.

2nd place: I believe I can fly, Dominika Adamska.

3rd place: Austria mountains snowboard, Jan Sobieski.


Category: My Europe, my home:

1st place: The old meets the new, Barbara Pudlarz.

2nd place: Wokół, Karolina Malinowska.

3rd place: Troll's tongue, Paweł Jagiełło.


Kategoria: Citizen of Europe:

1st place: Wesołe miasteczko, Kuba Bednarz.

2nd place: Portret, Emil Wittstock.

3rd place: Kontrast, Dominika Adamska.

Distinction: Punk z Friedrichstrasse, Lulu Zubczyńska.


The summary was written by Ania Ptaszek.