Saturday, the 23th of April we had a great opportunity to go on a trip near Płońsk, to a nursery garden in Kuchary to take part in one of the key projects of SocialErasmus - Erasmus Forest :)

After very early meeting, we finally arrived to the forest cabin, where we had delicious breakfast. Forester showed us some of the key facts about this forest district and the correct way of planting trees. After that, we went deep into the forest to get to work. In less than 2 hours we planted approx. 3000 trees! It's an incredible job, as for a group of just 50 people. After a group photo, we returned to the forester's lodge, where we had a tasty dinner and a small dessert. Foresters were very friendly and willing to answer all our questions. For us, the members of ESN UKSW, it was a great chance to meet Erasmus students from other universities, who came to Warsaw from the remotest corners of the world like India, Canada or Mexico. That was really great day, we have gained new experience, met new, wonderful and interesting people and the list of friends on Facebook increased the next few units  It is really worth participating in projects of SocialErasmus!

Weronika Klimczuk and Karolina Wosik - ESN UKSW Members