Causes of ESN are one of the most important values ​​guided by ESN. They show our mission, vision and values ​​through the activities that the section takes every day, thus providing more opportunities, partnerships and cooperations throughout the network.








From the very beginning, an important part of ESN was organizing cultural events such as going to the museums, going to the theater, organizing language courses or meetings, where people from around the world would share their culture. Culture is about both material and non-material values, such as traditions or national dances - which are worth sharing!

One of the many activities organized as part of Culture are:

  • City games

  • Cultural Education

  • International cooking classes

  • Handcraft

  • Language courses

And many others!


As part of Culture Cause there is a Mov'in Europe program -


At the local level, ESN focuses primarily on developing soft skills of members, but also providing development for Erasmus exchange students. National and international levels allow ESN members to develop on many paths - by coordinating projects, organizing conventions, or providing regular training with outstanding specialists. Cooperation with universities, schools and even with the European Commission gives countless educational opportunities that can be taken by members of the Erasmus Student Network as well as international exchange students.

As part of Education and Youth Cause there are programs such as:




The balance in our ecosystem is one of the most current topics of the 21st century. In ESN we do realize that our actions will affect the future - that is why we try to look for solutions in our activities that would support the sustainable development of our planet. Starting with ecological solutions at conventions, such as the lack of disposable cutlery at conventions, and organizing events such as cleaning forests or "Erasmus Forest", ESN members strive to meet the Environmental Sustainbility Cause.

As part of Environmental Sustainbility Cause there is SocialErasmus program -


It focuses on the overall well-being of the individual who is responsible for their health as well as well-being. Thanks to appropriate activities and solutions, ESN members are trying to introduce habits into their everyday life, that will provide them with long-term benefits.

  • We serve healthy meals at various events
  • We educate on the importance of both physical activity and the necessary rest from physical and mental effort
  • We organize events involving physical activity


As part of Health and Well-being Cause there are such programs as:



Skills and Employability focuses on the overall skills development of ESN members. Learning how to manage your time and resources, acquiring new skills, training and broading your horizons are extremely important and inseparable elements of our network. ESN prepares us to not only be current and future employees, but also people in higher positions. Thanks to many practical skills gained in ESN and developed self-confidence, ESN members are perfectly prepared for all adversities awaiting them in full-time work.


As part of Skills and Employability Cause there is Eduk8 program -


ESN focuses primarily on equality - that is why another important element of the Network is engaging international exchange students in social activities and raising their general awareness by organizing meetings and events in places such as orphanages, hospitals, nursing houses and animal shelters.

As part of Social Inclusion Cause there are programs such as: